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Do Fall Leaves Affect Storm Drains?

Do Fall Leaves Affect Storm Drains?

Fall is coming; here’s how leaves can affect your local storm drains.

Fall creeps into Maryland around early September, and with that comes the swift fall of autumn leaves. Entire trees can lose their leaves within a few short days, and before you know it, homes and businesses alike have a thick layer of leaves over their lawns. Leaves can affect more than lawns, however. Fall leaves can affect local storm drains negatively, and it is up to the community to keep waterways free.

How Fall Leaves Affect Storm Drains


Fall leaves can fly right into storm drains merely by the wind. They can fall into the catch basin through the inlet, a wide, narrow opening at the curb. Too many leaves in the catch basin can block water from entering the catch basin or the main stormwater sewer system, causing a flood. Nearby buildings can suffer damage to the basement or foundation in a flood.

Poor Water Quality

Meanwhile, the leaves will leach phosphorus into the water that does make it into the local waterways. Too much phosphorus causes algae blooms and depleted oxygen levels in those areas. If you have ever walked by a pond or lake with stagnant, smelly water covered in algae, too much phosphorus is likely the issue. It is hazardous to wildlife and unsavory to people.

How You Can Help Prevent Clogged Storm Drains This Fall

Dispose of Leaves Properly

Prevention is one of the most effective ways to keep fall leaves from clogging your storm drains. Whether you use a rake or a leaf blower, do not push the leaves toward the road where storm drains are located. Although it is not necessary to dispose of every single leaf, it is best to either grind the leaves up for mulch, place them in a secure compost pile, or put them in paper or plastic garbage bags.

Keep on Top of Storm Drain Cleaning

Prevention is just one part of the equation. Storm drains do need cleaning at least once a year by a professional company like Jet Blast Inc. to remove grime and debris from the catch basins and pipes. Each county and city is responsible for hiring a professional for this task, and with water jet blasting and vacuuming, Jet Blast is faithful to prevent flooding and water issues in your area.

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