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How Often to Perform Storm Drain Cleaning in MD

How Often to Perform Storm Drain Cleaning in MD

How often do storm drains need professional cleaning? Find out more here.

Each municipality has its own guidelines for stormwater management. Stormwater management involves the building and maintenance of a range of systems, such as storm drains, bioswales, and retention ponds. In Maryland, there are thousands of parts to each municipality’s storm drainage system, all of which help prevent flooding from thwarting communities. One frequently asked question is how often one should perform storm drain cleaning. Here’s how storm drain cleaning in Maryland works today.

How Often to Perform Storm Drain Cleaning

Different areas across the country may have different rules regarding how often to perform storm drain cleaning, but in Maryland, each county generally has similar guidelines. Each county will engage a company like Jet Blast Inc. to clean the storm drainage system’s inlets once every three years. 

Municipalities also pay special attention to the inlets’ condition just after heavy rainfall, as these rainstorms can cause a swift buildup of debris and thus cause flooding. It is possible for residents to contact their county and request a storm drain cleaning for their area, which the supervisor will then schedule. After any heavy rainfall event and after every three years, counties will make sure that the affected storm drain inlets are still functioning at their best.

The Best Method to Clean Storm Drainage Systems

Good old fashioned water is the best way to clean out inlets and pipes of debris. One needs to use the right equipment and technique to clear the storm drainage systems of tough grime, however. That’s why Maryland counties and cities use water jet blasting to clean out their systems. Water jet blasting uses pressurized clean water to clean plants, litter, and dirt right off the surface of the inlets and pipes. 

Water jet blasting professionals typically clean the system from upstream to downstream. They may use a cleaning/vacuuming combo truck to dislodge the debris and immediately suck it into an attached tank for proper disposal. This process keeps natural waterways cleaner. 

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