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The Best Way to Clean Sewer Lines

The Best Way to Clean Sewer Lines

Jet Blast Inc. uses the best method to clean municipal sewer systems. Learn more here!

Entire communities rely on the engineering of stormwater and sewer systems underground to stay safe from flooding. One should not underestimate the potential damage that a poorly-maintained sewer system could have on streets, homes, businesses, the environment, and people’s lives. Jet Blast Inc. serves Maryland, D.C., and surrounding states with the sewer cleaning services that best get the job done. Jet Blast is an expert in the best way to clean sewer lines, which is water jet blasting. 

Understanding the Sewer Line System

The sewer line may carry stormwater, wastewater, or both down a pipeline at a controlled, steady rate toward a water treatment plant. If it is just stormwater, the water may flow into a natural body of water or a reservoir. Otherwise, all contents will enter a wastewater treatment plant.

Wastewater connects to the main sewer line through pipes from different adjacent buildings. On the other hand, stormwater runoff usually enters the sewer line through storm drains. The water enters through an inlet, such as a curb opening or a grate, into a catch basin, which lets water overflow into the main sewer system. Manholes along the way allow maintenance and repair crews to manage the pipes at strategic points. 

Culverts control the water flow of natural streams, ponds, etc., under pathways and roads. These pipes allow water and debris to flow as naturally as possible without overflowing during heavy storms. 

Water Blasting: The Best Way to Clean Sewer Lines

All of these storm and wastewater sewer parts need professional cleaning at least once a year. They especially need cleaning after heavy storms, which could cause more debris to fill the systems and possibly clog the pipes. What is the solution? Water jet blasting.

Just as one ought not to underestimate the power of stormwater and wastewater, one can trust that the power of clean water can blast through the worst pipe clogs and clean the interior surfaces. Mechanical augering, sandblasting, and other forms of pipe cleaning can scrape the pipes and fail to clean off the buildup. The right water pressure and tools allow water alone to remove 100% of the scale or blockage. 

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