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How a Hydrovac Truck Works

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How exactly does a hydrovac truck work? Let’s take a closer look.

A hydrovac truck is an industrial vehicle equipped with machinery to perform hydro excavation. More professionals in construction, transportation, and other industries are turning to hydrovac trucks versus mechanical excavation for daylighting and installing utilities, removing debris, and trenching. Are you curious about how a hydrovac truck works? This guide gives you all you need to know!

What Is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation is the digging of dirt via pressurized water. The water can reach deep depths, softening everything in its path into a slurry and removing it through a vacuum. Hydro excavation reveals what is below ground with minimal risk of damaging underground materials, such as pipes and cables. It can also dig holes for the installation of road signs, poles, and utilities.

How a Hydrovac Truck Works

A hydrovac truck has multiple components that assist in different steps of hydro excavation. First, a professional excavator uses a water jet wand to soften the soil in question. In the meantime, an industrial air vacuum extends from the hydrovac truck into the same soil. During or after the dirt turns into a slurry, this vacuum sucks it up into a tank on the truck for disposal. Jet Blast Inc. offers hydro excavation services, including the proper disposal of debris.

Types of Vacuum Trucks

Aside from hydrovac trucks, you can find different kinds of vacuum trucks, some of which suit some industries’ projects better than others.

  • Combination vacuum trucks: These trucks vacuum both liquids and solids and are excellent for stormwater and sewer systems.
  • Liquid vacuum trucks: They effectively pump liquids from tanks and other areas.
  • Industrial vacuum loaders: These work well in areas with high amounts of dust, ash, etc.
  • Vacuum tankers: They are best for heavy-duty applications.

Another categorization is positive displacement blowers vs. fan units, the machinery that gives vacuums their suction power. Fan units are lighter, but positive displacement blowers are better for heavy-duty jobs. Whichever kind of vacuum or hydrovac truck service you need, Jet Blast Inc. can deliver what you need in Maryland and the surrounding states.

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