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Industries That Use Hydro Excavation

Industries That Use Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation applies to many industries; here are just a few that we serve.

Hydro excavation is a method of digging using a hydro-vacuum truck. Jet Blast Inc. uses advanced hydrovac trucks to dig dirt using the power of water. The vacuum part of the truck then removes the slurry of water and dirt into a safe container. Hydro excavation isn’t for digging small holes, but rather for industrial, municipal, or commercial-sized projects. These are just a few of the industries that use hydro excavation regularly.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies may need hydro excavation services for harvesting oil or installation or maintenance for parts of an oil or gas plant. Hydro excavation is a popular method for oil drilling today; the ability to drill with heated water in cold terrain makes hydro excavation even more desirable.


Municipal water lines also need daylighting or installation through hydro excavation. It is one of the most efficient, wasteless ways to dig trenches and holes to lay pipes. A professional hydro excavator can also adjust the water’s psi to uncover water and sewer pipes without damaging them.


The transportation industry uses hydro excavation services to dig holes and trenches when expanding roads, installing street signs, and installing power lines, among many other parts. They may need to adjust or install storm drainage pipes when installing or adjusting roads.


Telephone poles still play a large part in today’s communication services. Like street lights, road signs, and traffic light poles, telephone poles need digging equipment massive and efficient enough to drill a hole deep enough. 


Construction is a broad industry, but any construction project might need a hydrovac truck to aid in the work. Installation of main sewer lines, storm drains, and cables, installation of street lights, and installation of homes themselves could need a hydrovac to remove the dirt.

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