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Why Storm Drain Cleaning Matters

Why Storm Drain Cleaning Matters

Storm drain cleaning is a simple job with great implications!

Professional storm drain cleaning uses powerful water jet blasting machines and hydro vacuum trucks to pressure wash municipal storm drains and suck up the gunk. This job needs to happen routinely, at least once a year. Why does it matter? Why is it worth it? Citizens of any town or city can be thankful for regular storm drain cleaning for the following benefits it gives.

Protect Property

Storm drain cleaning is necessary to prevent clogs in the pipes. If the storm drain clogs, flooding will happen, and flooding is no small matter. A flood can swamp entire streets and cause inestimable property damage to hundreds of homes and businesses. That is no way to run a community. Enlisting storm drain cleaning services is the simple preventative fix to the disaster of flooding.

Protect Wildlife & Plant Life

Wildlife and plantlife can also suffer greatly from storm drain flooding. A flood can sweep wildlife and even water life away and kill them. Because one should not underestimate the power of a flood, one should not overlook how disastrous wildlife loss can be either. Plant life, such as landscaping, trees, etc., can also die because of a flood. This type of loss would be another form of property damage to homes, businesses, and cities.

Extend Stormwater System Lifespan

Regular municipal storm drain cleaning extends the stormwater system’s lifespan. It allows water to drain through it as it should and keeps debris from corroding its pipes. As debris inevitably gets into the storm drain system, it could eventually put pressure on and damage it. Keeping any system clean extends its lifespan. Who knew a task so simple could have such a long-lasting benefit?

Protect Lives

Flooding can endanger more than just property, plant life, and animal life. It also puts human life at risk in more than one way. First, a flood can also sweep people away and cause drowning, even a storm drain flood. Second, a flood can contaminate drinking water. Flood water carries bacteria, sewage, animal feces, and many more dangerous particles. Cities that keep their storm drains clean can avoid all of these problems.

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