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Prevent Pollution in Local Streams This Spring

Prevent Pollution in Local Streams This Spring

You can help keep local streams and rivers clean this spring with these tips!

In Maryland, it is hard to tell what the weather will be like from one week to the next. In 2023, spring is beginning to spring earlier than usual this year. (That doesn’t mean there’s no chance of snow, though!) As the world begins to come to life again, people are more active outdoors. With the newfound outdoor activity comes some risk of pollution. Here are a few tips to prevent pollution in local streams this season.

Use Rock Salt & Deicers Sparingly

If you are planning for snowfall, use rock salt, deicing chemicals, and other such materials sparingly. Some use kitty litter, sand, or wood ash to create fiction on driveways and walkways. If left alone, these materials will eventually slide into the nearest storm drain and flow into the nearest natural body of water. If it is impossible to remove it once applied to traffic areas, use it minimally.

Toss Liquids in the Sink, Not the Storm Drain

Liquids that go down your indoor sink drain go to the nearest wastewater treatment plant. However, it is possible that your street storm drains will take the water to the nearest natural water source, where wildlife lives. Therefore, it is better to let contaminants run down the sink drain rather than the storm drain. However, be aware of these chemicals not to pour down the sink drain!

Keep the Street Free from Litter & Waste

Outdoor springtime recreation could lead to letting trash go on the grass or street. Pick up all trash from the yard and street and promptly remove pet waste as well. 

Reduce Fertilizer & Pesticide Use

Fertilizers and pesticides might help your lawn look mighty and green, but they are perhaps not the best additives to preserve the environment as a whole. These chemicals eventually leach into the nearest storm drains and add to the chemical makeup of local streams and rivers. Limit your use of these chemicals or find a natural alternative.

Jet Blast Keeps Storm Drains Clean & Pollutant-Free

Jet Blast Inc. keeps Maryland storm drains clean every year with the most advanced water jet blasting and vacuuming trucks in the industry. We are happy to help your local waterways stay clean and your stormwater systems in check.

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