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Managing Fly Ash in Power Plants

Managing Fly Ash in Power Plants

Jet Blast Inc. helps take care of the first step of fly ash management: cleaning.

Fly ash is a product produced by the remains of coal used in coal-fired power plants. Many countries produce millions of tons of fly ash per year and have different ways of storing or disposing of it. No matter what, fly ash cleaning services are necessary to keep electricity coming to our homes and communities. Jet Blast Inc. provides the power plant fly ash cleaning services every town needs.

How Coal Power Plants Work

Coal power plants produce electricity to power neighborhoods and commercial centers across the country and the world. Within a coal-fired power plant, coal is placed within a boiler and heated. The heat it produces causes the water in a tank above it to boil, the steam of which channels into another compartment that helps power a turbine that produces electricity. The steam that powers the turbine recycles back into the water tank it came from, where it turns back into water to start the process again.

Fly Ash Cleaning

Over time, the boiler in a coal-fired power plant will become caked with fly ash and unburnt coal. Fly ash is the leftover substance from burnt coal. Both of these materials need removal so that the power plant can maintain its full functionality. Otherwise, the extra coal on the boiler will cause it to work harder than it needs to and shorten the boiler’s lifespan. Jet Blast Inc. has specialized tools and methods for removing fly ash and coal debris. We typically use water blasting to clean the boiler safely and completely.

Fly Ash Disposal

Different countries have different means of managing fly ash after it leaves the power plant. Many countries, including the United States, reuse the fly ash, particularly as an aggregate for concrete mixes. Other methods include storing the ash in landfills, silos, or wet storage.

Other Power Plant Cleaning Services

Jet Blast Inc. can clean any part of the power plant, including its stormwater and wastewater systems and coal yards. Our cleaning services will help you in the first step of managing fly ash.

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