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Water Main Break Cleanup Services

Water Main Break Cleanup Services

Experiencing a water main break? Jet Blast Inc. can clean it up!

A water main break can be minor or major, depending on the damage. In many cases, a water main break can cause severe damage to roads, sidewalks, and properties and needs immediate attention. If you see water flowing up to the surface of a sidewalk or street, it could be a water main break. Should a situation like this occur, you will need water main break cleanup services from Jet Blast Inc.!

What Is a Water Main?

A water main is a major pipeline in a municipal water distribution system. Cities, towns, and neighborhoods receive water through a vast system of interconnected pipes that run underground. A water main is one of the pipes that have smaller pipes branching off of it, providing homes and businesses with water. It takes its water supply from the nearest water treatment plant, which processes wastewater for sanitary uses. 

Water Main Break Causes

A water main break is when one point along the water main pipe cracks and water begins to leak. The water in these pipes is under quite a bit of pressure, so the water will often gush upward and begin to cause a flood. There are several common causes for water main breaks.

One is accidental damage from machinery. If someone digs on a construction site without first locating the exact location of underground utilities, one could accidentally hit a water pipe and damage it.

Another possible cause is old age. Pipes made from clay or cast iron are brittle and will break down faster than plastic or ductile iron, two materials used in today’s constructed water main pipes. Likewise, the chemicals in the surrounding soil can break down the pipes faster, and thus cause the weakest spot to crack. 

Temperature fluctuations are another common cause, and cast iron and clay are not flexible enough to cope with contractions and expansions as today’s materials are. The water main can also break if the ground settles and puts too much pressure on the pipe. 

Call Jet Blast Inc. for Water Main Break Cleanup!

Should a water main break occur in your area, you will need to call Jet Blast Inc. for water main break cleanup services! Once someone reports a leak, our team can inspect and mitigate the issue and quickly remove all excess water with our modern vacuum trucks. Trust the water main cleanup to us!

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