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The Strangest Things Found in Sewers

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Sewers can hide the strangest things…

The sewers run underneath the suburban and urban streets of Maryland, and we think little of them in our daily lives . . . until we notice a putrid smell, lose something down the drain, or see something unusual. Below are just some of the strangest things found in sewers around the country and the world.


You might have heard legends of alligators in sewers or horror stories of snakes coming out of toilets. These occurrences are real. Although alligators might not infest the sewers of New York City, one was indeed found in 1935, and southern areas like Florida and Texas see alligators in storm drains far more than once in a century. 

You are more likely to find a snake sheltering in a toilet in Australia, but these occurrences happen elsewhere, also. Other animals in sewers include cows, fish, worms, and lost pets.

False Teeth

Embarrassingly, false teeth are among the common but strangest things found in sewers. Uncanny to say the least, it is easy to understand why they might slip down a drain and into the local sewage system. Even if found, it’s hard to say if anyone will claim them.


Similarly, it’s easy to imagine how a child might accidentally lose their toy to the nearest storm drain inlet. However, it is certainly strange to find that the cause of a sewage pipe blockage is a large Winnie the Pooh or a Teletubby. Some have found action figures or a set of toy soldiers in the pipes, too.


In 2014, half of a mini car and many other odd objects were found in the London sewer system. Motorbikes and bicycles are other vehicles that have been found. Sewers are larger than one might think!


Gold flakes are one of the actual treasures that you could find in a sewer. Suwa, Japan, and Switzerland were the most notable countries that found gold worth a great amount when they sifted and burned off the contaminants.


Sometimes, one can unearth historic or prehistoric artifacts when installing sewers, but one could uncover them in the cleaning process also. Cannonballs from the Civil War era have appeared in more than one state, including Maryland!


Yes, entire communities or groups have been found intentionally spending time in the sewers. From the homeless in Las Vegas to the rave in the UK to cannabis growers in Italy, multiple groups have made use of the sewers. 

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