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Overview of the Water Jetting Process

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What is water jetting, and what does it have to do with sewers?

Water jet cleaning is typical for removing debris from sewer systems before inspections, for maintenance, and other purposes. Water jet cleaning companies use different types of water jet trucks. Some only have a water blasting function, some only vacuum, and others can do both. They can also either have a water recovery function or not. This overview of the water jetting process specifically applies to the cleaning of sewer systems, as opposed to surface preparation, ship hull cleaning, power plant equipment cleaning, etc.

The Water Jetting Process

Water Jetting

A hose with a water jetting nozzle at the end lowers into the sewer pipe and extends to a desired point. When the water jetting truck operator activates it, the nozzle will spray water in the most fitting way to clean the pipe walls as thoroughly as possible, taking water from a water tank or a local natural water source. The nozzle will retract toward its initial entry point as it goes. As it goes, it will loosen dirt and debris from the pipe walls.


The next step is to vacuum up the excess water and loosened debris into the truck’s sludge container, typically located above its water reservoir. A vacuum pipe takes up the sludge into its container, removing wastewater that would otherwise flow into the nearest natural body of water, reservoir, or wastewater treatment plant.


Once the sludge enters the truck’s sludge container, its wastewater goes through a filter and then into a sedimentation system, where several filters trap as many particles of debris as possible. The water jet cleaning company will contain and dispose of the remaining sludge safely.

Water Recovery

Some trucks have a water recovery system, in which the filtered wastewater channels through a series of cyclones and pumps back through the water jetting nozzle into the sewer system. The water can go to its appropriate destination without the dirt that was clogging its way.

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