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Water Jet Cleaning for Heat Exchangers

Water Jet Cleaning for Heat Exchangers

Water jet blasting is one of the best cleaning options for heat exchangers!

Heat exchangers in power plants and commercial HVAC systems need special care to keep them running at peak performance around the clock. You might think that maintenance would involve tweaking or repairing the machine itself, but cleaning it is the primary method of keeping it in shape. Simply cleaning a heat exchanger, no matter the size, is all it takes to keep it running at maximum capacity. Among the many heat exchanger cleaning methods, water jet cleaning for heat exchangers is one of the most popular.

How Water Blasting Cleans Heat Exchangers

In older days, water jet operators would only have one water blasting lance connected to a flexible hose to insert into each tube in a heat exchanger, and there would likely only be one operator. It naturally took time to clean out the hundreds of pipes. 

Today, you will see multiple lances set on a frame that insert into one section of the heat exchanger at a time. The operation could be semi-automatic. Each lance with its flexible hose blasts water through specialized nozzles down each tube until it reaches the other side of the exchanger, removing dirt along the way.

Water Jet Cleaning Concerns

Common concerns about water jet cleaning for heat exchangers would be:

  • The time it takes to clean: Water jet blasting does not necessarily take longer than some other cleaning methods. If you would like to know what the expected time would be, feel free to ask Jet Blast Inc.
  • Operator safety: High-pressure water jetting can seriously injure a water jetting operator if something were to go amiss. The more remote the operation is, the safer it will be.
  • Water usage: The water blasting procedure must include a way to recycle or dispose of used cleaning water.

Jet Blast Inc.’s Water Jet Cleaning for Heat Exchangers

Jet Blast Inc. has an answer to all of these concerns, including continuing education and rigorous safety training for all employees and wastewater and sludge removal services. Water jet blasting is a highly effective method for cleaning all kinds of industrial, municipal, and commercial surfaces, from power plant heat exchangers to concrete swimming pools. For more information, contact Jet Blast Inc. today!

Contact Jet Blast Inc. Today!

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