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The Dangers of Storm Drains

The Dangers of Storm Drains

Beware of storm drains, especially during storms!

Storm drains are everywhere, but some are more accessible than others. When they are more accessible, the risks could rise. Storm drains help protect neighborhoods and cities from devastation and danger, but they can also create danger in themselves. Knowing how to proceed in a storm or flood will help you avoid the dangers of storm drains.

What Counts as Storm Drains?

What exactly is a storm drain? Technically, it is the opening of a stormwater sewer system. It could be an inlet, grate-covered opening, or culvert. Inlets are the open slits on curb edges, situated at low points on the street to catch the most rainwater. You might see a grate-covered storm drain in front of an inlet or on its own. If you see a culvert opening, you will likely see a shallow creek running into or out of it.

What Are the Dangers of Storm Drains?

It is virtually impossible for anyone to slip into a storm drain enclosed by a metal grate, and only possible for someone to slip into an inlet if it is a small child. For this reason, beware of storm drain danger if small children are playing next to a storm drain inlet on a particularly icy road.

The most treacherous threat of storm drains is that of drowning, particularly in culverts. These large pipes run underground for long stretches to help water flow under roads and other traffic areas. They help creeks and streams continue in their natural path without disrupting travel. Sadly, many people have perished in the United States due to getting sucked by rushing flood water into a storm drain like this. Never wade into flowing flood waters or be near or in streams during a storm!

An additional danger of storm drains would be pollution, should trash rush through them and into local waterways. However, that is on the civilians and not the storm drains themselves.

How Jet Blast Inc. Helps Prevent Storm Drain Danger

Jet Blast Inc. actively cleans storm drains of all kinds, preventing flooding, which threatens people’s lives, and pollutants from entering Maryland’s waterways. 

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