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What Is Black Beauty Abrasive?

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Black beauty vs. water blasting: learn about these surface preparation techniques.

Jet Blast Inc.’s industrial vacuums and hydrovac trucks can clean up massive messes of all kinds in industrial and commercial settings. Our advanced vacuums can remove dry, wet, and sludgy materials completely. One of the materials we can clean up is black beauty. What is black beauty abrasive, and what can Jet Blast do about it?

What Is Black Beauty?

Black beauty is a coal slag abrasive product, a fine sand-like product that can remove rust, paint, and other unwanted materials from steel and concrete surfaces. It is the cheapest derusting sand on the market and is useful in surface cleaning for ships, bridges, and heavy-duty metal machinery.

Benefits of Black Beauty Abrasive

Indoor & Outdoor Applications

Abrasive materials used for surface cleaning must adhere to strict safety guidelines to qualify for indoor cleaning applications. The chemical qualities of black beauty make it applicable for both outdoor and indoor surface cleaning projects. 

Tough & Quick

Black beauty has a uniform density and an abrasive quality, making it incredibly effective in blasting off paint, rust, and scale from concrete and steel. It is tough and quick to restore ships, bridges, machinery, and other industrial or commercial surfaces to their former glory.

Low Free Silica

One of the reasons black beauty qualifies for indoor abrasive blasting is because it is silica-free and low dusting. Silica sand has connections to the fatal lung disease, silicosis. Black beauty’s low free-silica content makes it a much safer choice in comparison.

Cleaning Up Black Beauty

Jet Blast Inc. can help you finish up your surface cleaning job with professional vacuuming services. Our trucks can remove black beauty from your project site, keeping your location clean. We also dispose of black beauty and all other products we vacuum in the proper method. 

Water Jet Blasting an Alternative

Black beauty abrasive blasting is one way to remove rust and paint, but so is water jet blasting. High-pressure water cleanly removes excess materials without harming the surface. You also do not have any sand or other products to clean up afterward. Could water jet blasting be the surface cleaning method for your project? 

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