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About Pavement Marking Removal

About Pavement Marking Removal

What’s the best way to go about pavement marking removal? Water blasting is an option!

Pavement markings exist almost everywhere that there is pavement. They apply to main roads, airport runways, parking lots, and more. Whatever types of asphalt pavement need treating, Jet Blast Inc. serves Maryland and the surrounding states with water jet blasting services for municipal, commercial, and industrial applications. Our services range from storm sewer cleaning to fly ash vacuuming to hydro excavation. How about pavement marking removal? Here’s what you should know before getting started.

The Goal of Pavement Marking Removal

A pavement marking removal service is necessary given at least one of several reasons. If old pavement markings need replacing, they need complete removal so that the new markings can adhere properly and so that drivers are not confused by old markings. If the new markings differ from the old, leaving the old ones would naturally cause confusion and possibly traffic accidents. By law, old markings need complete removal; one cannot paint over them. They must be obliterated to avoid any confusion.

Pavement Marking Removal Methods


Different states may have several allowed pavement marking removal methods in their arsenal. In Maryland, the first available method is manual removal. One can use a scraper or putty knife. This option makes the most sense if you are removing temporary pavement striping tape.

Water Blasting

Water blasting is another popular method that requires little to no cleanup. It minimizes dust and debris while still achieving total pavement stripe removal. The power of pressurized water blasts paint cleanly off the asphalt surface without damaging the asphalt itself, and may or may not contain a fine grit. Should cleanup be necessary, an industrial vacuum can remove the liquid and solid waste and contain it.

Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is a gritty but effective way to scrape paint off of pavement. Contractors use a sandblasting machine to aim sand directly at the spot that needs paint removal. This method is also known as abrasive blasting.


A qualified operator can also use a grinding machine to remove pavement markings. If you are not worried about scarring the asphalt, then grinding is a very affordable and effective solution.

Jet Blast’s Water Blasting for Pavement Marking Removal

If you are interested in learning more about how water blasting can perform pavement marking removal, call Jet Blast Inc.!

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