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Benefits of Hot Water Pressure Washing

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How popular is hot water blasting? More than you might know!

Pressure washing is one of the most efficient forms of cleaning; in homes, it would apply to your fence or patio. In commercial and industrial settings, it applies to many surfaces, like concrete, asphalt, and metal. Water blasting companies like Jet Blast Inc. clean ship hulls, concrete swimming pools, storm drains, and much more. You might have come across the fact that there are at least two kinds of water blasting: hot water pressure washing and cold water pressure washing. What are the benefits of hot water pressure washing, in particular?

Hot Water Pressure Washing: Preferred by Businesses

Did you know that hot water blasting is common in commercial and industrial applications? Hot water blasting machines might be more expensive than cold water ones, but they are highly effective at cleaning for various reasons, as we shall discuss below.

Benefits of Hot Water Pressure Washing

The Power of Heat and Pressure

Pressurized water is a force one should not take lightly; for instance, a flood can easily sweep someone off their feet and an ocean wave can do likewise. 40,000 psi is a lot of power already! With pressurized water at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, you can get an even cleaner result.

Evaporation Happens Faster

Hot water evaporates faster. Evaporation happens faster in hot weather, and of course, steaming water is already evaporating. The evaporation speed helps the work to go along quickly.

Wash Off Grease, Oil, and More

Grease and oil tend to harden when exposed to cold temperatures and cold water. If you wash fat, grease, and oil down your kitchen sink drain, you will likely get a blocked pipe. However, when you use hot water, the grease, oil, and fat liquifies and runs off smoothly. The same principle applies to industrial equipment. Hot water is more effective in washing these contaminants off surfaces than cold water, even at a higher pressure.

Reduce Need for Detergents

Hot pressurized water is so efficient at cleaning surfaces of all kinds that it reduces the need for detergents. It allows companies to save money on any other cleaning tools aside from the hot water.

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