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How Municipalities Clean Water

How Municipalities Clean Water

How do cities turn this into drinking water? Take a look at how they do it!

Municipalities, the authorities in charge of managing the public works of a given city or town, control the water supply. Each town has its own water system, supplying potable water for drinking, washing, watering plants, etc. How exactly do municipalities clean water, though? 

Collecting Water

First, the town has to collect water from the nearest natural water supply. If possible, the water will be freshwater rather than brackish or saltwater. The municipality will collect this water into reservoirs, which can be man-made lakes or underground vaults. A man-made lake reservoir can involve damming a river, and an underground reservoir is also called a cistern.

Treating Water

The collected water goes into a treatment process that slowly removes as many contaminants from it as possible. The raw water goes through multiple treatments, starting with removing the largest waste particles to the smallest. Chemicals may be a part of treatment at any phase, but definitely so in later phases. Chlorination helps remove microscopic bacteria and viruses and has been effective in sanitizing drinking water for many decades.

Storing Water

Once the water is ready for distribution, it remains in a stable, drinkable condition for a time before going out to various homes, businesses, and public areas. The water may be in a storage tank, a water tower, or a reservoir. This stored water ensures that there will always be a steady water supply to each end point and that water is available for fire trucks in an emergency.

Distributing Water

The water travels through a series of underground pipes to your faucets, shower heads, hose bibs, etc. Once the water comes out of the pipe, it may either drain through your indoor drains, outdoor storm drains, or the ground. Where it goes is another story.

Maintaining Water Systems

Water system maintenance is a part of how municipalities clean water. It involves inspections and regular cleaning of all parts of the municipality’s water system. Jet Blast Inc. helps keep them clean in Maryland with water jet blasting services.

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