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Cold Water Blasting & Hot Water Blasting

Cold Water Blasting & Hot Water Blasting

Cold water blasting or hot water blasting? Here’s more about each.

Water jet blasting is one of the most efficient forms of heavy-duty cleaning ever invented. Cities, counties, businesses, and industrial sites all use water blasting services to keep stormwater systems, tanks, ships, roads, and countless other surfaces clean and performing at their best. Pressurized water is sometimes the only cleaning solution when chemical cleaning is harmful to the surface in question or impossible to perform. However, you might have heard that there is more than one option concerning water jet blasting: cold water blasting and hot water blasting. If you are wondering which of the two might suit your heavy-duty cleaning needs best, read on.

Cold Water Blasting

Cold water blasting is standard water jet blasting. Jet Blast Inc. uses cold water blasting to perform a wide range of cleaning services for industrial, municipal, and commercial equipment.

The power is found in the water pressure. With up to 40,000 psi, Jet Blast Inc.’s water blasting machines can remove wet and dry debris from pipes, machinery, tank walls, and much more. 

Cold water blasting is also useful for surface preparation, such as stripe removal for parking lots, roads, airport runways, public swimming pools, etc. Other applications include ship hull cleaning and hydro excavation.

Hot Water Blasting

Hot water blasting machines have a heating element to heat the water before blasting it onto the dirty surface. Many hot water blasting machines blast detergent in addition to hot water. The most common application for hot water blasting is to clean oil and grease off of machinery. Hot water melts and rinses off oil and grease, whereas cold water can cause them to solidify. The same principle applies to washing dishes at home; similarly, that is why you don’t want to put oil or grease down the drain.

Another use for hot water blasting is winter hydro excavation. If the ground is frozen, but a company needs someone to dig a hole for utilities, mining, etc., hot water blasting will penetrate the ground more effectively.

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