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Benefits of Hydro Excavation


Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Is hydro excavation right for your project? Here’s why it is so brilliant.

Hydro excavation is the innovative way that contractors dig dirt for commercial, industrial, and public works projects. It uses water jet blasting machines, also known as hydrovac trucks, to pierce through dirt with water alone. The same truck uses an industrial-sized vacuum to suck up the slurry of dirt and water that results, creating a large hole according to the project’s specifications. What are the benefits of hydro excavation, and what projects can benefit? 

Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Avoid Accidental Damages

Jackhammers, shovels, and other mechanical equipment can cause massive vibrations in the ground and risk accidentally damaging nearby underground utilities. They also risk the safety of passersby and construction workers. High-pressure water also comes with risks, but it minimizes all of the aforementioned dangers.

Complete Projects Accurately

High-pressure water blasting is precise and powerful. It can dig trenches and holes on a large scale, but it can also maneuver in tight quarters where other utilities and structures lie. The whole process can be as nuanced as it needs to be, with accurate results.

Complete Projects on Time

Hydro excavation does not take long to complete. It is easy, convenient, and rapid. The high-pressure water flow works quickly and can be of service in all seasons. With little risk of damaging surrounding underground wires and pipes, you lower your risk of having delays to repair them.

Work in Cold Weather

In cold weather, you can still get projects done through hydro excavation. Hydrovac truck operators can use high-pressure hot water to break through frozen ground. Should the winter ever get so severe in Maryland that the ground freezes, a construction project can still continue even in the deep of winter. 

Hydro Excavation Applications

What projects can benefit from the benefits of hydro excavation? 

  • Sign installation
  • Line installation
  • Digging trenches
  • Pole installation
  • Daylighting utilities
  • Potholing
  • Debris removal 

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