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Beware of These Winter Storm Drain Problems

Can winter harm your neighborhood storm drains? Jet Blast helps prevent these dangers.

Winter is nigh approaching; you can feel it in the frigid air! Is your home ready for the winter chill? While it’s important to protect your home’s plumbing, neighborhoods and cities must also take care of plumbing pipes on a large scale. Stormwater pipes run under roads and sidewalks, taking excess rain and snow to the nearest stream. Their entry point is the storm drain. In winter, don’t let these winter storm drain problems catch you off guard!

Prevent These Winter Storm Drain Problems

Leaves Clogging the Storm Drains

Even in December, fall leaves can still be falling in Maryland. It is routine to rake or blow leaf piles toward the curb for garbage men to pick up. You might also leave your bags on leaves on the curb. Whether in piles or bags, be sure that you are not creating a dam along the route that stormwater flows toward the nearest storm drain or letting loose leaves cover and clog the storm drain itself. While storm drain grates keep leaves out of the stormwater management system, clumps of leaves can end up blocking it off.

Ice and Snow Blockages

Forecasters predict that this year will see more snow than average, including in Maryland. It never hurts to be prepared for snowfall of several feet or to be on the lookout when ice forms on the roads, sidewalks, and storm drains. Compacted snow and ice can block storm drains and cause localized flooding; salt brine, hot water, or a shovel can clear it up.

Pollution from Sodium Chloride Deicers

Technically, salt will not harm your asphalt or concrete if applied appropriately. Any chemical comes with a potential risk. One way to reduce the salt intake of your local storm drains is to wet the deicer before applying it to the snow. Another is to use an anti-icing agent before snow falls. 

Jet Blast Inc. Is Here to Perform Storm Drain Cleaning!

Authorities of public works also have a part to play! A professional company like Jet Blast Inc. must clean out the storm drain periodically to empty it of sludge, sticks, and any other junk so water can continue to flow away from your home.

Contact Jet Blast Inc. Today!

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