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Five Main Purposes of Water Jet Blasting

Water Jet Blasting and Abrasive Blasting

Water jet blasting is a great technology, but what are its applications?

Water jet blasting uses pressurized water and air to spray water onto different surfaces. At Jet Blast Inc. in Maryland, we serve municipalities and businesses in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. There is a lot to water jet blasting, such as specialized nozzles, automation levels, and its combination with industrial vacuuming and even abrasives. What about its applications? Here’s a breakdown of the five main purposes of water jet blasting.


Nothing cleans quite like water, especially when it has enough power. Jet Blast Inc. uses water jet blasting to clean concrete, metal, and other materials. We have cleaned everything from public swimming pools to chemical tanks to ship hulls with water jet blasting alone. Other popular applications include stormwater management system cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning for power plants.

Preparing Surfaces

Surface preparation is crucial for creating a proper bond between a surface and its coating. It is necessary for the surface to be completely clean and have the right texture. Water jet blasting maintains the surface’s integrity while completely removing any unwanted debris. Common types of debris include rust, chemicals, epoxies, and, of course, dirt. Water jet blasting can also change the surface texture if desired.


This specialized form of water blasting does precise, intricate work. It can be used in the paper, sign-making, and equipment-making industries, just to name a few. It is also highly useful in the mining industry, able to cut through coal and other sought-after materials with ease. Jet Blast Inc. does not specialize in intricate cutting, but does offer all other water blasting applications, like cleaning, to quarries, mines, power plants, etc.


Pressurized water can be powerful enough to destroy targeted objects, specifically concrete. If construction companies need to expose the rebar or remove the concrete altogether, they may use hydrodemolition to do it cleanly.

Hydro Excavation

Lastly, hydro excavation achieves what is called “daylighting” for utilities and digs holes for utility poles. Water blasting and vacuuming combined allow water jet blasting machines to dig holes large enough for utility work.

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