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Flooded Roads and Storm Drain Cleaning

Flooded residential street at a stop sign

Beware of flooded waters! Jet Blast helps prevent them from happening.

Have you seen those satisfying videos online of people unclogging storm drains? It is so satisfying to see floodwaters disappear from roads and massive clogs come free. On the flipside, you might have seen reports of flooded roads and the dangers of getting caught in them. What should you do when you have to drive through flooded roads, and how do you and Jet Blast Inc. save the day?

What to Do When Driving through Flooded Roads

If you are on a two-lane road that is overswept with floodwaters, there are a number of things you should do. If there are other drivers present, it is essential to work as a team to support each other’s safety.

  • Do not drive through moving or rushing floodwaters. 
  • Do not drive through water above a few inches. Doing so could flood the engine.
  • Drive slowly.
  • Drive through the center of the road. The road is graded to slope away at either side and is highest at the center.
  • Braking slightly while driving slowly after driving through the water can help dry off the brakes.
  • Share the road with others; take turns and form a single file line through the center.

What to Do to Prevent Flooded Roads

In some cases, it is the road’s problem and not yours. The road may not have a high enough elevation to rise above streams or ponds on one side or the other. In that case, the municipality or county needs to hire a contractor to fix the road.

If it is on a street with storm drains, it could be that various trash, litter, dirt, and leaves have accumulated in the storm drain’s catch basin. The more clogged the drain, the harder it is for water to drain, just like the sink. Do your part, and remember to dispose of all trash properly. 

How Storm Drain Cleaning Keeps Roads Clear

Sometimes, regular people in the right place at the right time can help drain floodwaters. However, it shouldn’t be necessary. Professional storm drain cleaning routinely keeps all parts of stormwater management systems free of clogs and damage using water blasting and industrial vacuuming technologies. In the Delmarva area, you can rely on Jet Blast Inc.!

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