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Sewer Line Maintenance Tips for Businesses

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Businesses can also have plumbing problems. Keep them away with these tips!

There are many do’s and don’ts regarding what you can put down the drain in your home. Putting down the wrong items or not maintaining your drains can lead to serious clogging! The same goes for commercial properties, where you will find commercial kitchens, public restrooms, etc. When many people use a public space, the stakes are higher. These sewer line maintenance tips for businesses will help you steer clear of disaster.

Sewer Line Maintenance Tips for Your Business

Watch What You Put Down the Drain

Follow the same rules you would at home about what you do and don’t put down the toilet and any other sewer lines on the premises. Don’t put down anything other than what was meant to enter it. Everyone can do their part of being responsible for their own actions.

Put Up Signs

There is a reason that you see businesses put up signs regarding what not to put down the toilets. It’s better to be safe than sorry and let people know that some items can cause serious and costly plumbing problems.

Make Trash Cans Accessible

Where can people put waste products that can’t go down the drain? Include and maintain disposal units inside the commercial restrooms and provide easy access to trash cans. A trash can should be easy to spot and at a close enough reach.

Watch for Sewer Problems

Do you notice a sulfur smell near drains? Is the water level higher or lower than normal? Are there unusual gurgling noises when something goes down the drain? Look up the symptoms and see what the cause could be. 

Deal with Problems Immediately

If it’s an easy fix, you can deal with it as soon as possible. If you have a cleaning crew, they should be able to deal with it. However, if it is a blockage that goes deep, you will need a professional sewer line cleaning crew to help you out.

Have an Annual Cleaning Service

An annual sewer line maintenance service will help you avoid blockages that build up over time. Hydro jetting cleans drains completely without damaging the pipes. Call Jet Blast Inc. for commercial sewer line cleaning services in Maryland, D.C., and the states mentioned below.

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