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Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Woman Pouring Glass Of Water From Tap In Kitchen

Is tap water really safe to drink? Here’s a deeper dive into this topic.

Tap water is the main source of drinkable water in the United States. It is a marvel that in many homes, you can turn on the faucet and have drinkable water come out of it within your comfortable, temperature-controlled home. Even so, over half of the country distrusts tap water, which tallies up to about 60 million people. Is tap water safe to drink?

What Makes Water Safe to Drink?

What makes water safe for drinking? What qualifies our trust that the water is healthful? It generally has to do with the lack of harmful contaminants. Top hazards include:

  • Biohazardous waste
  • Excessive chlorine
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Fertilizers and pesticides
  • VOCs
  • Medications
  • Disinfection byproducts
  • Bacteria and viruses

Drinkable water must be free from all these dangerous particles. 

Why It Matters

The result of drinking contaminated water is death or severe illness and continues to take the lives of many around the world. As an element of life, the kind of water we drink matters enormously.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Tap water starts as raw water from rivers, estuaries, reservoirs, etc. A water treatment plant processes the water so that it is as free of solid waste and chemicals as possible. It first goes through a sedimentation process that allows solids to separate from the water and settle. Next, the water goes through a filtration system. Finally, it gets a disinfection treatment, usually with chlorine, to remove harmful chemicals. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for overseeing safety standards nationally. Each state has different challenges in procuring clean, drinkable water. Maryland is rated somewhere in the middle of the states with the best and worst tap water.

Taking Precautions

Tap water is drinkable, but it is good to filter as much of it yourself, too, with water filters. Boiling water also helps to kill organic impurities like bacteria and viruses. You can also do your part by disposing of these chemicals properly. If you have concerns with your local tap water, you should also feel free to contact your local water supplier.

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