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The Basics of Thermal Power Plants

oil-fired power plant

Thermal power plants are unique; at Jet Blast, we clean them!

There are many kinds of power plants, or “power stations” as they are called in the U.K. Power plants can get their power from many sources, from sunlight to natural gas to geothermal energy. Jet Blast Inc. specializes in servicing thermal power plants. What are the basics of thermal power plants, you may ask? We’ll get into it.

What Is a Power Plant?

A power plant is an industrial base that generates and distributes electricity on a mass scale, usually to a city or a scope of local towns. The power plant distributes electricity through a three-phase circuit that branches out into one-phase circuits for individual businesses and homes.

What Is a Thermal Power Plant?

A thermal power plant uses a fuel source and recycled, pressurized steam to generate electricity. It uses a thermodynamic cycle, most closely associated to the Rankine cycle, to perform.

How Does It Work?

A thermal power plant burns its fuel source to heat recycled water and turn it into steam. This steam causes turbines to move. Connected to the turbines is a generator that produces electricity when in operation. The generator takes its energy and disperses it into the power plant’s customers’ buildings, street lamps, etc.

Meanwhile, a condenser turns exhaust steam back into water with cooling water, and the plant has enough water to start the process over again.

Types of Thermal Power Plants

There are several main types of thermal power plants:

  • Coal-fired power plant
  • Oil-fired power plant
  • Natural gas-fired power plant
  • Solar-thermal power plants
  • Geothermal power plants

The first three of these fuels, coal, oil, and natural gas, are fossil fuels. Fossil fuel is matter from decomposing, once-living organisms from which you can get energy by burning. These fuels can be thousands of years old and come from the earth’s crust. The latter two fuels are heat from the sun or deep in the earth. Other than the fuel source, there is not much difference between thermal power plants.

We Clean Thermal Power Plants!

Thermal power plants are massive and have multiple massive components like boilers, heat exchangers, and condenser tubes. They even have offices. Jet Blast Inc. is here to clean thermal power plants in the Mid-Atlantic area.

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