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Water Main Break Prevention

Water Main Break Prevention

Communities can avoid water main breaks with these tips!

A water main break can cause significant disruption to a community, never mind property damage and possibly a threat to life. A flood is not something that anyone should mess with without professional training. If a water main break happens in your area in MD, Jet Blast Inc. is ready to fix the problem. While some water main breaks will happen and need our help, there are other ways to deal with this issue. Here is more information about water main break prevention.

Top Causes of Water Main Breaks

A water main break is a leak in the main water system, located underground. The leak can come from a longitudinal or circumferential crack or a hole in a water pipe. This leak can cause an entire street or area to flood and possibly flood local businesses and homes. 

The most common cause of a water main break is old pipes breaking. Cast iron and clay pipes will become brittle over time and eventually crack. Temperature fluctuations and chemicals in the soil can quicken their disintegration. Today’s water pipes are either plastic or ductile iron. A water main break can also happen due to an accident, like machinery bumping into the pipes, but this phenomenon is rare.

Jet Blast’s Water Main Break Cleanup Services

Water main breaks are preventable, but cleanup services are sometimes necessary. Jet Blast Inc. can dispatch the appropriate professionals to the area and create a closed zone to deal with the leak and uncover the leak with our hydro excavation trucks while county or city repair crews safely repair the water pipe. Anyone who notices the leak can call us. Our emergency services are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Water Main Break Prevention

We can help remediate a water main break, but what about water main break prevention? Considering that the main cause of the problem is old pipes breaking, the best way to prevent future leaks is hydraulically test & clean old pipes. Contractors can then repair leaky pipes with longer-lasting materials and the construction of water pipes to help lessen the potential for future breaks. Jet Blast Inc. can help local areas in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. prevent flooding by replacing antiquated water pipes before they break.

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