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The Effect of Stormwater Runoff

The Effect of Stormwater Runoff

Rain is more powerful than you might think. Learn just how much stormwater runoff can affect our lives.

It is during rainy seasons such as spring, fall, and hurricane season that rain becomes a much more evident subject in our lives. Rain helps to give life to plants and animals and is a welcome part of the ecosystem. Even so, rain can have a powerfully damaging effect as well, depending on the circumstances. The effect of stormwater runoff is more impactful than one might think, and Jet Blast Inc. is here to make sure it flows as it should.

What Is Stormwater Runoff?

Rain naturally seeps into the soil and into the nearest body of water or the root systems of plant life. The soil takes away nutrients that the rainwater might pick up from an impermeable surface like driveways or sidewalks. Stormwater runoff is the water that does not fall into the soil, but travels over impermeable surfaces into the nearest body of water or drain. 

How Stormwater Runoff Can Affect the Environment

Stormwater runoff easily picks up whatever is in its path. It picks up dirt, fertilizer, pesticides, litter, and everything else on its way to the nearest reservoir without the soil to filter these things out. Without a body of water or drain into which it can flow, this water will quickly cause a flood, which can damage building foundations, parking lot foundations, and more. A flood can endanger lives.

Even if it does flow into a natural river or estuary, it could bring with it nutrients and debris that pollute the water, cause oxygen depletion, cause invasive species to thrive, or any combination of these scenarios. With Maryland’s many rivers, creeks, estuaries, etc., keeping the waters free of pollution has been a pressing subject for years.

All in all, stormwater runoff can harm both nature and the city through pollutants and flooding.

Stormwater Runoff & Storm Drains

The reason Marylanders rarely experience flooded streets is because of the careful, well-thought-through engineering behind city storm drain systems. These drains are located at strategic low points and carry stormwater at a steady rate into the nearest reservoir, body of water, or water treatment plant. 

Jet Blast Keeps Stormwater Runoff at Bay

Most debris falls into the catch basin before it reaches the main sewer line. Over time, storm drains can become clogged, causing flooding. Jet Blast Inc. cleans municipal storm drains, sewer lines, culverts, and much more with advanced methods and tools. If your county needs storm drain cleaning, contact us today! 

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