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The Importance of Culvert Cleaning in Maryland

The Importance of Culvert Cleaning in Maryland

Jet Blast’s culvert cleaning services help keep communities safe.

Beneath the roads, sidewalks, and grass in Maryland is a vast network of pipes channeling water to and from the streets and buildings. Pipework designed for stormwater management can take all types of forms and sizes, and one of these types of pipes is called a culvert. Below is more information on culverts, the importance of culvert cleaning, and where you can find excellent culvert cleaning services! 

What Is a Culvert?

A culvert is a pipe inserted beneath a roadway, a driveway, or a landmass to assist in the drainage of stormwater or a stream. There are various types of culverts, including a box culvert, arch culvert, pipe culvert, frame culvert, and multiple barrel culvert. They can be made from different materials, such as concrete, metal, timber, and masonry. Understanding culverts and which kind is best for the given location is a science, and all in all, they have helped to keep streams and stormwater flowing smoothly amid the community.

The Importance of Culvert Cleaning

Culverts might help with drainage, but they can also cause massive flood damage if no one maintains them. Over time, culverts can break down or become stopped up with debris. In the winter, ice blockages could occur. It is vital to have a professional inspect and clean the culverts seasonally to ensure that debris is not minimizing water flow by more than 20%. 

Should the culverts become clogged or break, water will build up and flooding will occur. One should never underestimate the dangers of flooding; floodwaters can significantly damage roads, sidewalks, businesses, and homes, never mind endanger people’s lives. It is estimated that flooding causes an average of $17 billion worth of damage every year in the United States. Culvert cleaning is a simple task that benefits much.

Professional Culvert Cleaning Services

If the culvert is located on a residential property, the private owner will be responsible for cleaning it. However, if it is a county-owned pipeline, the county is responsible for its maintenance. Jet Blast Inc. is happy to help you perform professional culvert cleaning in Maryland. We have the latest technology, skilled labor, and methods necessary to perform the task safely and thoroughly. Namely, we use the ever-beneficial method of water jet blasting and vacuuming. To learn more, contact us today!

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