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Storm Drains and Winter Weather

Street Scene After a Heavy Snowfall

Storm drains and winter weather can make an unpleasant mix; Jet Blast can help!

Storm drains and winter weather might not seem consequential when put together, but the result can be either successful or disastrous. Storm drains help excess stormwater and melted snow and ice flow from parking lots and streets into the nearest body of water. They do not connect to the wastewater system but go directly into the natural rivers instead. Winter weather poses specific challenges to the normal functionality of storm drains, but Jet Blast Inc. is here to keep them flowing in Maryland, PA, DE, and Washington, DC.

Storm Drains and Winter Weather: The Challenges

Ice Clogging the Storm Drains

Each state and city has a different storm drain system and set of weather patterns. Maryland does not usually get the worst of winter weather, but you never know when a particularly brutal winter will hit. Freezing temperatures and heavy rain or snow could clog storm drains and prevent them from draining excess water at the rate it should, causing flooding. Public works crews need to monitor local storm drains to make sure the storm drains are clear all year.

The Freeze-Thaw Cycle

When pipes are deep enough underground, they will not necessarily freeze during winter. They will maintain around the same temperature throughout the year, which is above the freezing point. However, it is possible that even the main stormwater sewer line can freeze in the coldest of winters. The freeze-thaw cycle can eventually cause water pipes to burst or crack, especially if the pipes are made of clay.

Stormwater and Deicers: Water Quality

Stormwater systems also deal with the water itself; municipalities monitor water quality and its impact on the environment. Deicers such as salt, sand, and chemicals leach into stormwater runoff and into local bodies of water. Some places might see an increase in salt content and electrical conductivity, and others might see sand beginning to clog water pipes. Maryland has moved toward using salt brine to deice roads.

How Jet Blast Inc. Can Help 

Jet Blast Inc. provides professional cleaning services for storm drains, sewer lines, water treatment plants, reservoirs, and much more throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. Keeping stormwater management systems clean is the first step in facing the challenges of winter weather.

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