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Manhole Pipe Cleaning in Maryland

Manhole Pipe Cleaning in Maryland

Jet Blast Inc. offers professional manhole pipe cleaning in Maryland!

It is essential to maintain all parts of a stormwater or wastewater sewer system, not the least of which is the manhole. Many may have seen manholes all of their lives but never known exactly what they are for or what is underneath them. Jet Blast Inc. is familiar with both manholes and their maintenance as a sewer pipeline cleaning company. If you want to learn more about manholes, or are looking for manhole pipe cleaning in Maryland, you have come to the right place!

What Are Manholes?

We have all seen the circular cast iron plates in the middle of the road or on the pavement. What exactly are they? Manhole covers are the top of a shaft that gives maintenance and repair crews access to sewer lines. Manholes can be either one of three common depths: 2-3 feet deep, 4-5 feet deep, or deeper than 5 feet. 

When it is deeper than 5 feet, there are metal ladder rungs for a crew member to reach the bottom. The upper half of this chamber is called the “cone” or “chimney,” as it tapers toward the narrower manhole cover. The lower half is called the “barrel” and is wide enough for an average person to work comfortably. At the very bottom of the manhole is a bench and channel through which storm or wastewater passes. 

The Purpose of Manholes

As mentioned above, manholes are the access points for companies like Jet Blast Inc. to reach the sewer line. Manholes are usually located where the sewer line changes direction, elevation, or pipe size. While in previous decades people themselves went into manholes to do maintenance and repair work, today, one can also see crews using advanced machinery to inspect and clean pipelines remotely. 

Manhole Pipe Cleaning in Maryland

Whether you need to inspect, clean, or repair your area’s sewer lines, or if you need to clean and repair the manhole itself, Jet Blast Inc. is prepared to help. We have decades of experience and use the most advanced technology to perform the job. Depending on the project, we may opt for either confined space cleaning or no-entry cleaning. With our water jet blasting technology and skilled labor, you can rest assured you will receive the best manhole pipe cleaning in Maryland!

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